Multiplication Club- Timed Math Fluency

What is it?

Multiplication Club is a way to motivate and challenge students to master their multiplication facts (times tables).

What you need:

Each student will need a clear transparent sheet pocket, dry erase marker, and a whiteboard eraser. The teacher or facilitator will need my Multiplication Club Bundle or at least my Multiplication Club Setup Kit.

The Basics:

  • Every student starts on “Level One.” Students get 1 minute to try and complete all 25 problems.
  • After the 1 minute is up, check student boards. I call mine up by table in the beginning and then move to calling levels once students are staggered. I check 3-4 boards at a time to save myself time.
  • If a student completes all 25 problems with 100% accuracy, I put a tally mark next to that level on my roster sheet.
  • Once a student completes that number 3 separate times with 100% accuracy, they pass that level, get to put their name on the Multiplication Club board, and check that level off of their club card.
  • I have all the rest outlined in my Multiplication Club Setup Kit.


Q: Do you have to publicly display student progress?

A: Definitely not! It’s important that you decide what is best for your students. A lot of students love seeing their name on the wall but sometimes this is not the best for every group. Club cards are another great way of having students keep track of their progress in a non-public way (club cards are included in the MC Setup Kit). Students still get to celebrate and check off their levels without having their progress displayed.

Q: I have students struggling to move past their 2’s or 3’s, how do you motivate them to continue?

A: It’s very important to know your group before starting MC. If your group usually needs more support or motivation, you can alter the level order- Example: 1, 2, 5, 10, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9. That way students can build their confidence early on and buy in to the program. I also always include ways to practice math facts at home in my newsletter (skip counting songs, math apps, flash cards, etc). If students are still needing support, I create a “board” for them to practice on at home.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Last year with my 3rd grade group, we would spend 20 minutes total on it after lunch every day. This included practice time, timed rounds, checking boards, and celebrations. You can have students practice at other times of the day or at home, and/or do celebrations once a week, and cut it down to around 10 minutes a day.

Q: What happens when students finish?

A: After Level 10, there is an expert level with 100 mixed problems. After they become an “expert” they move on to their 11’s and 12’s and then I start my students on my Division Club. For higher grades, I would recommend having students do Levels 1-12, Expert Round, then Division Club.

Q: I love this idea but I don’t teach multiplication or division. Do you have something for younger grades?

A: Yes! I have also created an Addition Club and Subtraction Club that run the same way. Click here to check them out!


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